Friday, February 22, 2013

There's a baby in there.......

Can you believe I knew I was pregnant within days of conception? The lead up to 6 weeks pregnant was an annoying waiting game with strange symptoms. It was a Friday morning that I took the life changing home pregnancy test that confirmed all that I'd hoped for, 
We are Pregnant!

My first trimester was beautiful, emotional and extremely exhausting! Vomiting here, heart palpitations there, with constant nausea while my body housed the formation of a human being.  

All of this aside, I'm thrilled to take on the biggest challenge of my life, to be a Mummy!
I'm going to be bold and say this. I will fail as a mother in my own strength. I'm too selfish, I'm impatient and I can give those looks that apparently could kill. So here, I am saying it. I will only be the mother that my baby needs by the Grace of God. And just to make that perfectly clear, His Grace is my Heavenly Fathers ability in me. His Love, His words, His wisdom, His protection for me and my baby!

This blog is not only an announcement, it's also a confession to my unborn child. I promise you, my little one, you will know love that never fails!

16 weeks pregnant!